Episode 6

Transcending Illusions, Embracing Joy: Your Spiritual Path

Published on: 13th September, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode, join hosts Laila and Amy as they delve into the realms of spirituality, illusion, and the quest for a more fulfilling existence. The conversation is a continuation of episode five. It revolves around the fascination with escaping reality through spiritual fantasies, such as seeking salvation from external forces, whether it's the hope of being raptured, ascending to another realm, or encountering extraterrestrial beings.

Drawing from personal experiences and spiritual insights, Amy & Laila explore the pitfalls of fixating on these externalized notions, emphasizing the importance of embracing the present moment and finding joy within oneself. They share how true fulfillment comes from grounding into the body, healing emotional wounds, and aligning with inner purpose.

The hosts discuss the journey of embodying higher frequencies, whether it's Christ consciousness or the interconnectedness of star-seed energies, and how this journey is intricately tied to creating a new earth reality. Rather than seeking to escape, they encourage listeners to invest in the here and now, finding purpose and connection in their physical existence.

Tune in to this enlightening episode as Amy & Laila provide valuable insights on how to stay rooted, practice gratitude, and work towards becoming active agents in shaping a more vibrant, conscious, and fulfilling life. Experience the transformational power of embracing joy, authenticity, and the journey of self-discovery.

Your Hosts Amy & Laila

Seasoned intuitive channels, healers and friends Amy Sikarskie and Laila Taylor, offer a glimpse into their everyday lives, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds.

You can find more information and work with Amy at AmySikarskie.com and Laila at LailaTaylor.com

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In The Flow with Amy & Laila
Two Intuitives Flowing
In the Flow podcast shares conversations with Amy and Laila, two professional intuitives, channels, and energy therapists. Join us in this captivating podcast exploring intuition, spirituality, and the intricate world of intuitive channels. Seasoned intuitive channels, Amy Sikarskie and Laila Taylor, offer a glimpse into their everyday lives, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds.

Are you curious about clairvoyance, claircognizance, or the 'clairs'? This unfiltered podcast grants backstage access to raw conversations and genuine insights into intuition. Gain a deeper understanding of spirituality as Amy and Laila share their perspectives on various topics grounded in their lived experiences. Don't miss this authentic exploration bridging the spiritual and tangible worlds.

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About your hosts

Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt, Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Channel, Angelic Communicator, Awakening Guide

Profile picture for Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt, Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Channel, Angelic Communicator, Awakening Guide
Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt is a Master Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant Spirit Communicator, Physical Channel, and Certified Past Life Hypnotherapist. Amy is recognized internationally as an energy therapist, intuitive channel, healer’s healer, mentor and author. She is the host of the Spirit & Soul Healing Podcast and founder of Spirit School, where she offers channeled messages, meditations, courses, and certifications in intuitive communication and energy therapy through online and in person classes.

Amy became interested in healing modalities at the age of seventeen and began her professional training in 2001. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Pranic Healing, Earth-Based Transpersonal Healing, The Reconnection, Vogel Crystal Healing, Intuitive Communication and additional energy and past life healing modalities.

Amy is an international best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Channeling: Practical Techniques to Connect With Your Spirit Guides, Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed and co-author of Messages From The Councils. She is a channel for The Council of Light, spirit guides and archangels.

Amy has worked with thousands in one-on-one healing, mentoring, past life hypnosis sessions and through her Angel and Aura readings. She shares inspiration and educational posts and interactive live videos with millions monthly through her instagram pages @AmySikarskie and @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe.

For more information and to work with Amy, visit AmySikarskie.com.

Laila Taylor

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Laila Taylor is a Reiki Master, Akashic Reader, Intuitive Guide, & RN. Laila struggled with years of anxiety & depression until she underwent a series of intense spiritual awakenings, reawakening to her own spiritual connection. Her modalities include the Akashic Records, Intuitive Guide, & Reiki sessions. As well as connecting with archangels, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, and spiritual guides. Laila utilizes these connections to spread guidance about: healing, intuition, consciousness, embodiment, and ascension to others.
Laila's ability to work as a spiritual channel allows her to connect deeply with those struggling to see their own spiritual connection, intuitive abilities, and self-love. Laila currently offers Akashic Healing Sessions, Intuitive readings, co-founder of Soul Wise LA, and courses to connect you to your inner intuition.